Pre-emption point for World of Warships [0.9.5]

We present to your attention a unique mod that adds a point of pre-emption for a more accurate fire on enemy moving ships. This is obtained by adding a special marker, which is output to the desired point, depending on the speed of the enemy ship. This greatly facilitates the player the process of aiming and calculating fire anticipation.

Adaptation for the patch 0.9.5

Attention! This mod is already a cheat, use it at your own discretion! Its work is limited to two trial hours. According to rumors, after the expiry of the term, you can delete the old warpack and download it again, with 2 demo hours of work again available, but this is not certain.


  • Download launcher Warpack_WoWs
  • Run the file warpack_wows.exe
  • Insert key: DEMO
  • Specify the path to WorldOfWarships.exe
  • Start the game from the Warpack launcher.


warpack_wows (1 MB) To use this mod you can only 2 hours. It is a test version

if you want you can buy a paid version. To do it you can here


  1. Works surprisingly well, it only tags the center of the ship doesn’t target magazines or anything like that. For what it was I liked it but at the same time I did not find it necessary. 95% of the situations manual aim worked very well only real time it was a benefit was just tho “I don’t know if I can make this shoot but I’m at no lose if I try distances”.

    I to can confirm the re-download for 2 more hours does not work as well. I set my antivirus to record all changes the program had done then reverted them back to pre-install and it did nothing. Went into registry and could not find any remaining hooks left. My guess is the trail records a unique PC ID/IP and forwards that back to the host server for confirmation before the program gets the go ahead to run.

  2. I personally don’t play WOW, but I know from a friend that you can download the 2 hour fully featured test version of the warpack from the main mod seller’s site, just search google for “cyber tank world of warships” and it’s the 1st result at the time of writing. You also ensure you’re getting the very latest version this way. Enjoy!

  3. I was about to buy the $16 Version and I saw something that said 490.92 (UAH) Is it some kind of Russian currency thing?

  4. Do u know how u can find out that u are really bad WOWS players and u should go to play another game?
    U are really bad if u download hacks like this and u think u will be better players than 😀
    Thinks like this u can simply learn by training. But good players are not good because of shooting. Good players are good because of reading the map and game sence and game knowledge.
    GL potatoes, happy ban.

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