Release update 0.7.3 for Wows

UPD: The second stage of the test starts on March 21 and will last until March 26.

The developers announced the imminent release of the general test, for the next update of World of Warship. Anyone who wants to soon will be able to play on version 0.7.3, which will add a few interesting things.

In patch 0.7.3 we are waiting for:

  • A new temporary mode of space battles. For this mod will be added several new ships, as well as new commanders. Also in 0.7.3 some of the existing maps were updated, making them more interesting for the battle.
  • The system of collision warnings has changed, which should reduce these very encounters with the islands.
  • Redone the penalty system
  • Added some sound effects

As usual for the general test, you need to download the client 0.7.3 (or update the old test client), and also create an account for the tester (if you did not do this earlier).

As for the release of a new patch, we do not know yet exactly but we hope that this will happen very soon, more precisely on March 28th, this Wednesday. As usual all updated mods you will find here.

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