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Release update 0.8.0 for World of Warships

Commanders! We hurry to inform you the latest news regarding the long-awaited update 0.8.0 for World of Warships. Sure all the players wait for this patch to appear on January 24th, but as we know today this will not happen. The developers announced the release of stage 3rd for the general test update 0.8.0.

The third stage of testing is extremely rare, but this is exactly the case. After numerous comments and letters from players, the company decided to delay the release of the patch for a week, but to fully fix all the problems about the error.

So, the exact release date of update 0.8.0 will take place only at the end of the month, January 30th. During this time, the developers promise to eliminate the following errors and problems:

  • add additional visual effects to the work of air defense with activated equipment “Barrage of air defense”;
  • make visually distinguishable priority air defense sector;
  • change the mechanics of the air defense priority sector: now it will not increase the number of gaps, but the constant average damage per minute;
  • remove the fighter patrol zones for artillery ships from the minimap (this information rather disturbs them). In this case, the fighters will still be displayed in the game world, allowing players to use them as a cover from enemy aircraft.


January 18th, developers have released an additional minor update for patch 0.7.12

Thanks to the decision to postpone the release of the update, you will have the opportunity to participate in testing and earn bonuses for yourself.

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