Release update 0.8.1 for World of Warships

Commanders are reporting great news. Update 0.8.1 for World of Warships is ready and will start tomorrow, February 27th. Get ready for the continuation of the event “Fly! Strike! Win! ”, get the opportunity of early access to the British ships, as well as you expect to improve game mechanics and much more.

What is new in World of Warships 0.8.1?

  • In the port, you will be greeted by the snow-covered embankments and the London Winter Fair, because the main guests of this renovation are the aircraft carriers of Great Britain

The magnificent ships of Great Britain are represented to your attention: Hermes, Furyos, Implacable. 4, 6 and 8 levels respectively. A distinctive feature of the British aircraft – a high stock of combat capability, will allow you to be under fire longer and continue to attack the enemy.

And this is not the only feature of these ships; for more details on British aircraft carriers and all innovations in update 0.8.1, see the video below.

Important! All updated mods you will find here

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