Release update 1.7.8 for World of Warships

Friends! You probably already are wondering: when update 1.7.8 for World of Warships will come? On this question and many others, we will give you the answers in this article. First, as for the patch, the developers have slightly changed the scheme for the release of updates and now all updates will appear less frequently, more precisely once a month.

Thanks to such innovations, all changes will be painful global, scale and qualitative as the developers will have enough time to implement them. As for the release date of the new patch under the version 1.7.8, it will be released on August 22nd, well this information is not yet accurate, but it’s an assumption. As soon as we have more accurate information we will immediately inform you

What’s new in update 1.7.8 for World of Warships

  • First, the game World of Warships celebrates 3 years old. The celebration of this event will be on the release of update 1.7.8, so you will find many pleasant gifts and surprises.
  • The game will be able to visit the servers of other countries. For example, customers from ru server can go into battle with the gamers from eu server.
  • Will change the voice acting. For example, there will be a musical voice in the port
  • There are paskhalki. Only careful players will be able to find musical surprises
  • A new section in the arsenal, which will be devoted to the preparation
  • There are two new resources: copper and melibden. By purchasing these resources you will be able to buy a new camouflage
  • There will be a cruiser Stalingrad
  • In the version 0.7.9 players are waiting for the British destroyers.

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