Release update World of Warships 0.6.8

We are not sure, but we hope that update World of Warships 0.6.8 will start 12th July, 2017. Here you can download it and download mods for updates 0.6.8.

So what changes you will see in this update:

  • “Dunkirk”
    Soon the new game event “Dunkirk” will start. You are waiting for: the first historical operation, a new collection, special awards and a new Port!
  • Operation “Dynamo”
    In the operation, you will, together with the allied forces, get to the evacuation zone, evacuate and enter the safe zone with minimal losses. As in real events, the danger will threaten you from all sides: From the sky – air raids;
    From the shore – aimed fire from batteries;
    From the water – torpedo boats;
    And even under water lies a hidden threat – mine barriers!
  • Collection “Dunkirk”. Quick commands
    Another innovation of version 0.6.8 is the updated fast commands.
  • and much more. More detail you can see in video.

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