Sea battle begins. New awards

Sea battle begins.

Start: October 30th
The end: Monday, November 6th

Make a volley and get a chance to win Kii, doubloons or 10 random containers!

At the point in the sea is a navy. It consists of one aircraft carrier, two battleships, three cruisers and four destroyers. But here’s the ill luck – this area of the map covers the fog of war! You’ll have to attack at random.

You have at your disposal four volleys, strike at the enemy.


  • 1 hit in any ship = 1 container “for luck”
  • 2 hits in one or two different ships = 3 containers “for luck”
  • 3 hits = 250 doublons and 3 camouflage “Spirit of the Ocean”
  • 4 hits with the condition that the whole ship was sunk as a whole, at least one ship, will bring you: 1000 doubloons, 10 containers for good luck and 5 camouflage “Spirit of the Ocean”

Special areas

Get to your port Kii!

Catching a special ship marked with a red background, you get to your port premium Kii or its cost in doubloons.

Task: Make two well-aimed volleys and sink the ship in the red zone, hitting the screws

Reception of coordinates is carried out from 30 to 6 November

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