Second common test 0.6.11 for World of Warships


Very soon the clan functionality will expand in the game, which means that it’s time to test it at the second stage of the general test 0.6.11: create your own clan, inspect the Naval Base and improve it. Pay attention to the changes in the mechanics of the smoke and prepare for the upcoming battles! More information about the innovations you will see in this article.

Update size: 150 MB

List of changes:

  • The icons on the armament diagram no longer overlap if the body B and torpedoes Mk15 mod.3 are installed.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some situations the aircraft could not notice the ships outside the smoke.
  • Increased the accuracy of shooting at close range for the cruisers Erie, Black Swan, Bougainville, similar to the rest of the ships of the first level.
  • Fixed a bug where, after re-entering the battle in Porto, the message of the status of “Elite” for ships that already had this status was shown again.

Changes in smoke mechanics:

  • In Port in the masking section added the item “Visibility after the shot of the GM in the smoke.” Note: For each ship this is your own.
  • In tank characteristic added the item “Guaranteed visibility from ships”.
  • These parameters can be seen in battle by pressing the H key or by hovering the silhouette of the ship above the compass.
  • Also, the behavior of circles of visibility from ships and planes on the mini map will change.
  • If the ship is not detected and not in the smoke, then the circles, as before, will show its current visibility (basic visibility + modifiers).
  • If the ship is not detected, not in smoke and produces a shot, then the circles expand to the maximum range of the GM.
  • If the ship is in smoke, the circle of visibility from the aircraft is not displayed.
  • If the ship is not found and is standing in the smoke, then the circle “Guaranteed detection” is displayed – 2 km.
  • If the ship is in the smoke and produces a shot, the circle expands to the value of “Visibility when fired from the GM in the smoke.” And if after that the ship is discovered, then the circle will remain in this state for 20 seconds.
  • If the ship leaves the smoke during the action of the penalty to the visibility per shot, the circle expands to the maximum range value of the GM.

Start: September 15th
The end: September 18th

Download public update (5 MB)

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