Second common test for version 0.6.14


Participate in the second part of the general test for version 0.6.14! Evaluate and think through the tactics in the new operation “The Last Frontier”, test the armor-piercing bombs of American aircraft carriers and test the Pan-Asian destroyer IX level Chung Mu, performing the combat mission of the general test. More information about the innovations can be found in the development bulletin.

Join the test!

List of changes:

  • Fixed a bug that led to incorrect results of the battle, if the last ship in the team was destroyed by a ram.
  • Fixed a bug due to which when the clan was changed by the player, the combat mission for the previous clan was executed once.
  • Balanced changes were made to the operation “The Last Frontier”:
  • The repair area is activated in the fifth minute of the battle.
  • Fixed bots names.
  • The time and place of the appearance of the destroyers of the 1st wave were changed.
  • Removed destroyer from the 3rd phase.
  • A cruiser-bot was added to the team of players.
  • The time of appearance of waves is changed.
  • Fixed the logic of the fighter aircraft of the airfield and the aircraft carrier.

Dates of the second stage
Start: November 23th
The end: on November, 27th

We are not sure but hope update 0.6.14 will start 28th of November


Second common test (3 MB)

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