Ship Win Rate at ports for World of Warships 0.9.2

A convenient addition to the port in World of Warhips, it will display the percentage of victories for each of your ships directly in the so-called “ship carousel”. After installation, going into the game and hitting the dock, you will see that in the carousel on the icons of the ships, next to the level display, multi-colored inscriptions appeared. So they display the current percentage of victories.

Update from 12/03/20

Adaptation for patch 0.9.2
In general, it is very convenient to know the ratio of victories to defeats for an individual ship, because you can understand which technique or class of equipment has the most victories and perhaps it’s best to play. Of course, such data is not very true, because if there is only 1 battle on the ship and it will be a victory, the mod will display 100% of victories. So you need to relate to this data with the understanding that the more fights, the more defeats, as a rule, because you can never lose.

It is also necessary to add that the display of the percentage of victories has different colors, but everything is like on other modes with ratings, like elastomer.


Transfer the contents of the archive to the World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.2 folder



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