[0.7.12] Ships in the tree of development

This mod neatly and easily will place all ships in the development tree, where you can conveniently view them.

With this mod you can beautifully and conveniently arrange all available ships in the tree of development by levels, countries and classification. Mod is available in 3 versions suitable for any computer expansion:
– 1920 (standard version + added the icon of the submarine ARP I-401)
– 1600 (not all ships on their levels but the submarine icon is added ARP I-401
– 1280 (fleet of foggy fleet removed + not all ships on their levels

Mod does not support the paths.xml file. Mod uses the dock.xml file and is incompatible with the mods that use the same file. If you still want to install this mod with others you need:
1. When installing, do not support the replacement and follow the path \ res_mods \ 0.7.0\ gui \ unbound program Dock_config (make sure that this folder has a file dock.xml)


[] Arnak_Ships_Tree (1 MB)

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