Sight “OLD” from the author Hootorez for World of Warships 0.9.1

A sight “OLD” from Hootorez, is one of the most convenient sights for World of Warships due to its well-chosen color and dark fringing, which makes the OLD sight clearly visible against any background. Hootorez did not remove the vertical and horizontal risks, but slightly shifted the vertical, which gave even more convenience to the sight.

The sight OLD from author Hootorez, will replace the default sight on the improved one.
Because of its clear contours and well-chosen color, this sight for WoWs is perfectly visible on any maps.
With this sight, you definitely will not miss!

To display the sight, select the sight of Type 1 in the game settings.

Update from 11/02/20

Adaptation for patch 0.9.1

Transfer the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.1


Sight “OLD” (300 KB)

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