Sight R3D and detection markers for WoWs 0.9.1

R3D is a modification of the standard sight World of Warships. The scale with the divisions was shifted slightly below and horizontal and vertical strips were added to the center. In addition, the sight has a grid for calculating lead at any angle, something similar is in scope Spider.

Together with sight author also made markers of detection, they are more noticeable and have a pleasant appearance. You can set both the sight and markers together or separately.

Note: To display the sight, select the “Type 10” sight.

Updated 11.02.20

Adaptation for the patch 0.9.1
Select the desired sighting option or highlight markers, then copy the gui folder to World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.1


Sight R3D (700 KB)

One comment

  1. ANY chance of making the 20 point marks on the sight and any chance of extending the horizontal sight line fully across the screen with markers out the 25

    a lot of ships at long distances and especially DDs are faster now and therefore aiming is done of the sight lines 20-25

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