[0.7.4] Sights “Dolphin” and “Spider” (camera “Zeiss”)

We present you 2 convenient and completely different sight for World of Warships game. Sights that will be useful in battle.
One of the most important and most necessary things for a player in combat is a good and comfortable sight. These are the sights we will be presenting today.
The first sight is Dolphin sight which has in the archive 5 colors to your choice. Dolphin is a horizontal sighting grid that differs from its standard length. The dolphin is much longer. Also different is the change in the arcade sight: added two horizontal bars to facilitate the aiming. Available colors:

  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • White water
  • White and red

The Spider’s sight is made under the spider’s web. In the archive there are 2 variants of the color scale: Turquoise and White.
In addition, the mod includes one of the most popular and functional zoom cameras – the camera “Zeiss”. The camera that expands in 5-fold mode.

1. Unpack the archive with a sight, open the folder with an aim and copy the folder “res_mods” in it.
2. Further. Open the folder with the game (the root directory of the game) – click “Paste”.
3. To remove or replace the sight, you must delete or copy the replacement file (at: C: \ World_of_Warships \ res_mods \ 0.7.4. \ gui \ flash) under the name crosshair_screen.swf)
4. The file of the sight and the camera are placed separately from each other, i.e. Sights work, both with cameras, and without them.
5. After the release of the micro patches, the sight remains in the old folder (for example: res_mods / 0.7.4) to make it work in the new version of the patch, you just need to transfer the file of the sight to a new folder (for example: from res_mods / 0.7.3 to res_mods / 0.7.4.)



DOLPHIN 5 Type 1

DOLPHIN 5 Type 2

DOLPHIN 4 Type 1

DOLPHIN 4 Type 2

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