Download Sixth Sense: My little Pony

Sixth Sense mod My little Pony for WoWs 0.8.11

This mod is perfect for fans of an unusual and interesting game. Why? It’s simple, instead of the usual markers 6 senses you expect images of cute and very nice little ponies. Agree, it is not usual option for the players World of Warships. But if you want to diversify your game, then this mod will suit you perfectly. In addition, the mod will be very useful:

  • First, it warn you of the danger that is coming on your ship
  • Secondly, thanks to the picture, you can quickly understand what kind of danger is coming. Perhaps this is an enemy plane or an enemy shot approaches you.

Want to try something new in WoWs? The try to use this modification

Important! This mod conflicts with other modifications in which you can replace the file  hud_lib.swf main_hud_pc.xml.


Copy your content from your zipfile into your mods directory: C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_mods \


Sixth Sense Pony (1 MB)

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