Skalpel – a new sight from DeutschIand for Wows 0.9.1

A new sight with the name Skalpel from DeutschIand, which made such wonderful sights as Sekira and Kraken. The new sight even is better and got a lot of necessary risks and angles of guidance, which allows to hit the enemy literally under any situation. Unfortunately, the main plus of Scalpel’s sight is also a problem, because to understand how to use mod is a very difficult task.

In the Scalpel sight you will find:

Double aiming line
Color grace of the recommended shot
Angles of determination of enemy circulation
Risks of distance calculation
Recommended aiming points

sight for Wows
But how to use it all, the author did not explain. By this, it can be said that this sight is not suitable for all World of Warships players.
To display the sight, select the sight of Type 10 in the game settings.

Transfer the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.0


Sight skalpel (600 KB)

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