Mod “Smart Markers” for World of Warships

Mod smart markers – makes markers more informative, namely adds to them icons for repair, fire and torpedo launch. Thanks to this, you can, for example, see that your ally has caught fire and rush to his aid.

Generally mod smart markers give some advantages of team play, even playing alone. Players rarely shake hot keys of fast chat commands, playing each for himself. So this mod allows you to better understand the situation in your team, as well as the team of the enemy.

Smart markers display:

  • Fire indicator
  • Torpedo start indicator (for your team only)
  • Active consumables (also only for your team)

Pro alfa Rating and Percentage of Wins
Updated on January 09th, 2017

Adaptation for the patch


  • Create a copy of the file (you need to remove the mod), which is located in the folder World of Warships / res
  • Transfer the contents of the archive to the World of Warships folder with the replacement
  • To delete, delete the contents of the folder World of Warships / res_mods / and restore the file


info-markers (34 MB)

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