Smart minimap for World of Warships 0.8.1

Since the functions old mod “Smart Mini map” were introduced into the game, the author decided to further expand the World of Warships minimap and add several interesting features. For example, you can change the transparency of the minimap, increase it more than in the standard mod, turn on the display of sunken ships and much more. The new smart minimap is also expanding the capabilities of the standard map, making the game more convenient and informative.

Functionality of a smart minimap

  • The maximum size is larger
  • Ability to adjust transparency
  • Enable/disable the display of corpses (the “b” key)
  • Ability to adjust the “view cone” and “line of sight”
  • Deeper circle settings
  • Detailed goal marker settings

To configure a smart minimap, open the settings.xml file in Notepad located in the World of Warships \ res_mods \ 0.7.12 alt_minimap folder and configure the mod for you. Each setting has comments, so everyone can figure it out.

Updated 25/02/19

Adaptation for the patch 0.8.1

Transfer the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.8.1


mod_minimapsmart (240 KB)


  1. The “settings.xml” file in the RAR download for the updated smart minimap is in Russian. Will there be an English version made available?

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