Space battle come back in update 0.7.3 for WoWs

Hello, everyone! Update 0.7.3 is preparing to surprise you. From France, we start straight into space! Interesting? A new event “Space battle” will take you far from seas and oceans and allow you to feel yourself on the bridge of the spaceship.

To help you feel special feeling will help interesting ships, unique commanders, and the space Port. In addition, you can evaluate new sounds in the game, visualization of ship’s horns, and also updated collision avoidance system. Connect to the common testing!

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Since the version is still being tested, the information in this material is conditional and reflects the state of the update at the time of publication. Some changes and innovations may not get into the final version or enter into it in another version.

The space battle is back!

April is approaching, and all fool day will be soon. 1st April is a day of jokes! Wargaming launching full-scale military operations in outer space. You can feel yourself as an intergalactic conqueror thanks to Spaceport, spaceships and the battle mode of “Space battle”. Fight in the interstellar space against the background of planets and stars!

Do you want to have a gift? If yes, take part in space battles participation, perform combat missions and receive special ships: destroyer Flyfire, cruiser Galaxy, battleship Alldestroyer and aircraft carrier Hellcarrier.

But it is not the end, together with the ships you will receive the unique commanders Cybermedes, Golden Konung, Queen Bee and Hzrzngh. Be careful in outer space, you can face unusual phenomena: meteor shower and psi-field

What is new in update 0.7.3?

Map updates

On the general test version 0.7.3 on the maps “Edge of Volcanoes”, “Tierra del Fuego” and “Sleeping Giant”, the control points will be located differently. Now there are four points in the “Excellence” mode, two of them are under control of the teams from the very start.

Each point under control brings the team four points each time in nine seconds. Also, on the maps “The Edge of Volcanoes” and “Tierra del Fuego”, the starting positions of the teams were slightly changed.

Optimization of game mechanics

Was improved the collision avoidance system. The likelihood of encountering a landscape is now significantly reduced.
Fines of visibility from operating air defense weapons now correctly take into account the maximum range of these guns. Will radius of detection of the ship on the mini-map will also change.

New Effects and new sound

Was add a ringing animation for ships of all classes, except aircraft carriers. When the angle of the camera changes in Porto, the sounds of water and wind change

Download test 0.7.3 you can here.

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