Submarines! Review of a new class in World of Warships

As you know in World of Warships appeared a new classes of ships – submarines. Today we will talk about it more detail.  At the moment mechanics is very simple to the usual gameplay. Destroyer added new dimensions: depth 3 positions in combat, surface position and boat. Boat in principle no more noticeable because they are small and nonetheless in above water, it will be noticed a greater chance in this situation it actively recruiting oxygen to conduct battle under the sea full reserve can be dial somewhere in 20-30 seconds in depending on the boat on which you playing.

A periscope deep boat becomes less noticeable but appears chance let the torpedoes. At this depth oxygen is already consumed maximum depth and now the boat is not noticeable but it can not drive
fire and enjoy such a position as the escape from focus. By the way at the moment when the oxygen at the boat will be forcibly extended, the boat will float on its own

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