The common test for version 0.6.12

The release of new patch 0.6.12 for World of Warships will start 18th of October. You can download it here 

The following errors will be fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where when switching to the scenario type of combat the second client is not reset to the status “Ready”. The commander could send the detachment into battle, in spite of the fact that the detachment has a ship that is blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where the client was hovering on the aircraft carriers when selecting a destroyed air group through the keys “Ctrl + Tab”
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases resulted in an abnormal termination of the client’s game
  • The error that led to an increase in the visibility of a ship standing in the smoke for 7 km with the explored skill “Inertial fuse”
  • Fixed a bug in consequence of which the type of battle at the exit from the clan did not change, consisting in the detachment

Main innovations of the version 0.6.12

  • New combat regime “Clan fights”. On the test, it will be available in a simplified “3 by 3” format.
  • Approaching Halloween and the operation dedicated to him “Ray in the Dark”.

Download update

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