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[] The mod “score timer” for WoWs

This mod helps to evaluate, after what time your team or team opponent will gain a victorious amount of points with the current state of points and scores, which is useful in competitive modes.

Two timers show, after what time win all the victory points the allied or enemy teams. The timer can show more time than it remained until the end of the fight; this means that the team will not gain the right amount of points until the end of the battle time.

The icon (rhombus) of the winning team is painted over, and the text color changes from white to green or red. The remaining time counters can be moved by the mouse with the Ctrl key pressed.

Combining with other modes

  • Copy gui \ unbound \ scoretimer.xml to res_mods \ <version of the game> \ gui \ unbound \ scoretimer.xml
  • Copy gui \ flash \ ScoreTimer.swf to res_mods \ <version of the game> \ gui \ flash \ ScoreTimer.swf
  • Copy the gui \ scoretimer_icons folder to res_mods \ <version of the game> \ gui \ scoretimer_icons
  • In the res_mods \ <game version> \ gui \ flash \ USSExpressionsLoader.xml, add the line <file path = “ScoreTimer.swf” /> before the line <file path = “USSExpressions.swf” />
  • In the / res_mods / <version of the game> /gui/battle_elements.xml, before the </ elementList> line, add the following:

<element name = “unboundScoreTimer” class = “lesta.libs.unbound.UnboundElement” url = “ScoreTimer.swf”>
<properties config = “../ unbound / scoretimer.xml” rootElementId = “ScoreTimer” hitTest = “true” />
</ element>

  • In the / res_mods / <version of the game> /gui/battle_elements.xml after the line <controllers> add the following:

<controller class = “lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.UnboundElementController” clips = “unboundScoreTimer” />


  • Download the mod from the link
  • Copy the gui folder from the archive to / res_mods / /


The mod “score timer” (200 KB)


  1. When I download this mod and attach it, it causes my HUD to disappear altogether. And the download says it’s for 0.7.5. Please update.

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