[0.8.0] The port “China” for WoWs

Today we want to offer you a very fascinating and beautiful mod. We represent the port “China”. Judging by the name, you probably guessed that this modification is a traditional Chinese.
It means, instead of the usual port you will be waiting for something completely different. Literally, for a few seconds, you forget that now there is a game World of Warships and you need to choose a ship and start battling. For a few seconds you are immersed in a whole new world.

The port itself is a picturesque area with large cliffs right up to the skies, traditional Chinese houses with unusual creeks, and small boats by the shore, as if it were boats of ordinary fishermen.

The feeling of realism adds a falling leaf from the trees and fog, which seems about to have descended on this mysterious terrain. The developers of this mod are Wargaming Group Ltd, Wargaming St. Petersburg & modification supported by Blackpredators and CorpseCat.

The port “China” has change

  • Background (sky)
  • Texture of water
  • Texture and color of buildings
  • Extension and color of rocks
  • Texture and color of islands
  • Texture of vegetation
  • Removed dragon
  • Removed the palace building and a small temple
  • Removed large and small boats
  • Added the effect of falling leaves
  • Fog effect added
  • Changed lighting
  • The icon in the menu for selecting ports has been replaced

Important! This port is not compatible with the port “Awakening of the Golden Dragon”


Download and transfer the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.8.0


The port “China” (138 MB)

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