Three premium days of free account in April World of Warships


After the release of the update 0.7.2 players faced an unforeseen problem: after a large number of fights, the performance was greatly reduced – FPS fell to low values. In the following days and nights, all the efforts of the development team were aimed at finding and fixing the problem.

Thanks to the invaluable assistance of the participants in the World of Warships gaming community: detailed reviews and descriptions of the problem –  in version 0.7.3 the malfunction was completely eliminated.

Developers apologize to all the commanders to whom this error prevented to enjoying the game, and offer a small compensation – 3 days of the premium account!

Anyone who has logged in since the release of the update 0.7.2 (February 28 at 7:00 MSK) and until version 0.7.3 (March 30 at 5:00 MSK) can receive compensation.

How to pick up the compensation?

  • Click the “Get compensation” button and then the “Check” button.
  • Choose the moment when it will be most convenient for you to use the premium account (for example, on the weekend), and click the “Get Bonus” button.

Please note: you can activate a premium account at any time convenient to you before May 6.

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