Training room for WoWs 0.7.3

Developers World of Warships for unknown reasons removed the training room from the World of Warships, although many players know what it is, so, as the training room is in others games of Wargaming. Although we must say that the training mode is still in Wolrd of Warships, it’s just blocked, but now with the help of the mod, it can be fixed. Now when you choosing a mode, you can choose a workout and play with your friends (or with others players).

Updated on March 25th, 2018

Adaptation for the patch 0.7.3
Presenting to your attention mod, which adds to the game a full training room. In this mode, you will be able to improve your naval combat skills, both with other players and against bots.

We draw your attention that in this room you will also be able to use only your ships from the port, there is no full range of ships there.


Put the contents of the archive in World_of_Warships \ res_mods \ 0.7.3\


Traning_room (600 KB)

0.7.3 will be soon


  1. The mod doesn’t work for me, tried to put in the script and also the whole zip file, neither worked. Nothing in my game changed.

  2. This is targeting WOWs’ Russian server and cannot be used for NA. Care to post a version for each individual server? Thanks!

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