Update 0.6.13 for World of Warships

Hello, everyone!
Soon will be a new update for WoWs 0.6.13. This update will start 1st November or 7th. In the new version, the smoke of British cruisers is put longer, fires on cruisers and destroyers are extinguished faster, and air defense weapons affect the visibility. You will see this changes in the common test 0.6.13!


  • Start: October 26th
  • The end: on October, 30th

Participating in the testing, you can get pleasant bonuses to the main account. To do this, you must cope with the tasks of the general test version 0.6.13.

  • Play one random or cooperative fight. Reward – 3 flags of each type (except special).
  • Win five random or cooperative fights. Award – 10 units of camouflage “Type 6”.
  • Win two random battles on the British cruiser X level Minotaur. Award – 1 day premium account.
  • Complete the combat mission of “Playing with Fire”: inflict 15,000 fire damage to any destroyers or cruisers in random battles. Reward – 3 special signals of each type to the main account.

Awards will be awarded within five days after the release of the update.


common test for update 0.6.13

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