Update for World of Warships

Dear players!

On December 27th World of Warships server will be unavailable due to the release of update It is the last in this year.

Update size: ~ 100 MB.

List of changes:

  • On the loading screen of the map “Edge of Volcanoes” winners of a clan season in the given region are added.
  • The achievement is added to the game “The Edge of Volcanoes”
  • Added New Year pictures for events, tests and combat tasks.
  • Added displaying start and end dates of campaigns.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong direction of torpedo launch.
  • Fixed a bug with the ability to install the upgrade “Barrage of Air Defense Modification 1” on the battleship Duke of York. If the upgrade was installed, it is demonized in the Player’s Property.

All updated mods you will find here

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