Friends! Tomorrow on April 5th there will be a small update for WoWs All updated mods and modpacks you can download here.

List of changes

  • The submarine “Pike” is written off, the commander went to the reserve
  • Fixed the problem of sticking a free cursor when opening a modal window (help “F1”, menu by pressing “Esc”, statistics on pressing “Tab”, mini-map, etc.).
  • Fixed bug due to which the double animation of container retrieval was playing.
  • Fixed a bug where the Admiral Graf Spee visual booking scheme was incorrectly displayed.
  • The bug due to which the voice chat did not work was fixed.
  • Cruiser Iwaki Alpha: the base visibility of the ship is reduced from 10 800 to 10 100 m.
  • The cruiser “Novik”: the basic visibility of the ship is reduced from 9720 to 9030 m.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to freeze when switching from the login window to the settings window.

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