Dear players!

On May 24th there will be a small technical update In connection with the work on its release, the server will be unavailable from 5:00 to 6:30.

Update size: ~ 90 MB.

List of changes update

  • Fixed a bug where the ship was sold along with the camouflage. Now the camouflage is automatically removed and placed in the “Property” section.
  • Fixed a bug where a text message about the use of the ship and the type of combat not suitable for performing campaign assignments was always displayed in Russian, regardless of the selected language in the settings.
  • Fixed a reward for the final mission of the third mission of the campaign “Hunting for Bismarck”. Previously, players incorrectly credited with the modernization of “PMK. Modification 1 “, which could not be installed on any of the ships. It was replaced by the modernization of “Auxiliary weapons. Modification 1 “. A correct reward will be credited to players who have completed the mentioned task, in return for the wrong one. However, if the latter was sold, there will be no replacement.
  • Fixed a bug in which the camera on the aircraft carriers moved to the security camera when selecting several air groups or exhibiting several points of travel via Shift with the “Shift on aircraft carriers” option disabled.

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