Update 0.6.7

Details about version 0.6.7 have become known, which means that soon start next common test. Its participants will be able to experience innovations right in the battle, and at the same time receive a reward. The main event of the version 0.6.7 is the launch of the seventh rank season. Participate in the common test, be adjusted on the future struggle for ranks and share with us your impressions.

Ranking battles

On the test version 0.6.7 will be available rankings battles, which makes it special. Of course, taking the first rank will be much easier than on the main server. This will bring you a set of special signals to the main account.

A total of 5 ranks are available on the common test. The 5th and 4th ranks are fireproof. To pass the 5th rank, only one star is required. On the next – two. In the battles at the 5th-2nd ranks the ships of the VI level participate, at the 1st rank – VIII level.

Chain of combat tasks

A special chain of combat tasks will be available to all participants of the testing. The tasks do not differ from those that you are familiar with, so there should be no problems with their implementation. The reward for executing the chain will be the day of the premium account on your primary account.

New map

You must have noticed that a new map appears. That’s right! Especially for ranking battles, was created the “Counterstrike” location.

Battles on the map “Counterstrike” will take you to the warm waters of the eastern part of the Mediterranean, Ionian and Adriatic seas. The highlight of the map is full symmetry and twin islands. The location provides equal opportunities for both teams, and the location of the islands will be able to benefit from both destroyers with cruisers and aircraft carriers with battleships.

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