Update 0.6.9 for World of Warships

July 27th, will begin a common testing, during which you can go through a new historical campaign and collect a new collection. All this is confined to one event – the appearance in the game of the legendary Isoroku Yamamoto. These big innovations will become central in the upcoming update.

Isoroku Yamamoto campaign

Commander-in-Chief of the United Fleet of the Japanese Empire during World War II Isoroku Yamamoto is the first historical figure in the game, which makes his appearance a landmark event. To tell you more about the admiral, we created a whole campaign based on his biography.

Collection “Isoroku Yamamoto”

The new collection also tells about the way of life and the way of the commander-in-chief of the fleet of the Japanese Empire. It consists of 40 different items related to Yamamoto’s personality, and is divided into five thematic sections:

  • “A uniform”;
  • “Elements of uniforms”;
  • “Awards”;
  • “Ships”;
  • “Miscellaneous”.

Commander Yamamoto Isoroku

Finally, a few interesting details about the most legendary admiral.

Isoroku Yamamoto will compose the company to Stephen Sigal and Jack Dunkirk and will be the third unique commander in the World of Warships.

Unique commanders have their combat or economic bonuses, add the opportunity to visually identify the ship in battle and are marked in the game with a special ribbon.

Smoke indicator

On the general test, you will meet one of the pleasant improvements in the combat interface – the indicator “In the Smokes”. Thanks to him, being in a smoke screen, you will know exactly how many seconds remain before dissipating your shelter, regardless of who put it. The indicator will help you to more effectively use the smoke of other players and better plan your actions.

The logic of the smoke screen timer will also change slightly. Now in priority, the indication of the circle of smoke in which your ship is directly located. If the ship is in several circles at the same time – the timer displays the time until the last one is dispersed. When you press the Alt key, the timer will work according to the old logic, displaying the states of the smoke that you have set.
From version 0.6.9, you should also expect another improvement in the balance and appearance of some of the ships, but that’s after. Now we suggest you focus on the main thing – on campaigns and collections – and we want to earn all possible rewards on the general test!

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