Update 0.7.9 for WoWs. Download

Commanders! Tomorrow will update World of Warships for version 0.7.9. In connection with the installation of the update, the server will be unavailable sometime.

Update size ~ 1,7 GB

For users of Wargaming Game Center, pre-download of the update 0.7.9 is already available.
Upon the release of the update, WGC will install the previously downloaded game client files automatically.

This will make it possible to get into the game faster after running the updated game server.
You can install WGC at this link.

Together with the update 0.7.9, a new British cycle starts. What is waiting for you? Changes and innovations:

  • Port of London
  • Royal Navy event
  • Royal Navy in Arsenal
  • New content
  • Battle missions to British destroyers
  • New type of battle “Race of arms”
  • Return of Dynamo operation
  • Maps and locations
  • Clan base 2.0
  • Interface
  • Technology of ship detection
  • Arsenal – Updating the assortment
  • Adding and modifying content
  • Balancing changes
  • Other fixes and improvements

More detail about all of it in video below

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