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Update 0.8.0 for World of Warships

In the first month of the new year, the developers decided to surprise and especially please their players and fans World of Warships. In January, the players will have a new update under the version 0.8.0. This version is special because it will bring a lot of useful and long-awaited changes to the game.

What’s new in the update 0.8.0 for WoWs

  • Change with aircraft carriers

The main change can be called a new gameplay for aircraft carriers and indeed in this patch a lot has been done for them. We must say that the players have long asked for this, because aircraft carriers didn’t really fit into the battles, they were not interested in playing.

And of course besides this, there will be much more interesting in the update. In order to expand the knowledge of the players and remind them about aviation, the developers decided to tell in detail about the development of naval aviation in the United States, starting with the creation of the first naval base in the country. More detail watch in the video. Part 1.

General test 0.8.0 starts on December 27th and will continue until January 3rd.

Do not forget that participation in the test is not only the opportunity to play on the new version before everyone else and try all the ships, but also the opportunity to get valuable prizes to your main account.

As usual for the general test, you need to download the client 0.8.0 (or update the old test client), and also create a tester account (if you have not done this before).

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