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Update 0.8.6 for World of Warships

On June 8th, the first stage of the new update for World of Warships 0.8.6 will finish. The French update cycle continues. The new Alpha Crash Zone, XIII Rank Season, and much more await you in this update.

Update!!!The period of the second phase of testing

  • Beginning 11th Jul 19:30 (MSK) / your local time: 11 Jul 19:30
  • End July 15th, 18:30 (MSK) / your local time: July 15, 18:30

What is new in update 0.8.6 for World of Warships

  • French destroyers

Update 0.8.6 is primarily dedicated to France. With the release of a new update in the game, a branch of the French destroyers will appear, a pleasant update is coming to the port of Marseille, new events and this is not all a change.

As you know, every destroyer is special, a branch of French destroyers is no exception:

  • High combat capability
  • High speed and improved equipment “Fast and Furious”
  • Ships level VI have the acceleration of the recharge GK “
  • Ships have armor piercing shells with good armor penetration

Important! On the test server, you will not be able to test or even see the French destroyers. New ships will appear only with the release of the new update.

Symbols of France

After the release of the update, you will see certain ships with the symbol of France. For victory in any mode (except for clan or training battles) using ships with such symbols you will receive important and valuable resources, such as coal or tokens of the Republic. Important! You can get bonuses only once from one ship.

New maps

Sunny weather has been added to the map of Greece, the islands in the rear of the teams have been updated, now they will become a reliable shelter for you. A new map will appear in the game called “Alpha Crash Zone” for battles of VIII – X levels in the “Superiority” mode in random battles in two versions – with 3 and 4 control points. The map will also be interesting for fans of clan battles: the “home” control points of the teams are located close to each other, which will force them to reconsider their usual tactics.

Changes in ranged fights

After the release of the update (in two weeks on the main server), a new ranking season will begin for World of Warships 0.8.6. Only ships of level IX in battles in the “6 by 6” format are allowed for battles. At stake is 5500 units. steel, and for the first rank is awarded the Jolly Roger.

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