Winter snowy night port for WoWs 0.9.3

Modification of the weather in the ports World of Warships, making a more wintery atmosphere in the game. We changed the time of day, now there is night everywhere. They added beautiful northern lights, and also made snowfall. The mod creates an atmosphere of a cold winter evening, and also does not affect the speed of loading ports and FPS. All these effects are taken from the game itself, so it looks pretty realistic and fits into the game. Below in the screenshots you can see how it looks in WoWs.

Update 29/03/20

Adaptation for patch 0.9.3

At this stage, not all ports received a snowy night, so write in the comments for which ports add this weather.

List of docks in which it works

  • Philippines
  • Navy
  • Hawaii
  • NY
  • Ocean
  • Saint Petersburg

Note: Unfortunately, the mod is slightly lighter than shown in the screenshots. The fact is that the first version of the modification was created back in 2017, but during this time a lot has changed in the game, so making a real night at the docks has become impossible. But perhaps in the future we will fix it. In any case, everything looks great .

Transfer the contents of the archive to the World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.3 folder


winterDocks (27 KB)

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