World of Warships 0.6.5. Update

On May 2, was started a common test for patch 0.6.5 for the multiplayer online game World of Warships. A collection system has become available. So if you manage to collect a complete collection, then you will become the owner of a rather valuable reward.

Introduced the first historical campaign – “Hunting for Bismarck.” You will have the opportunity to transfer to May 1941, carry out new missions, earn special containers and receive special signal flags and camouflage. All sorts of improvements have been made to the interface.

Also do not forget that for participation in the tests you can get various gifts. For example, for ten wins you will be given ten units of camouflage “Type 6”, for 8000 units of earned experience – the day of the premium, for the completion of a new campaign – for five special flags of each type.

From reliable sources it became known that the update 0.6.5 will be released on Wednesday 17th. We hope it is true.

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