World of Warships Blitz

World of Warships Blitz 3.0.0

We are glad to share with you the pleasant news. Recently (in June) the long-awaited World of Warships Blitz (mobile ships) was released. But yet, the game is not so easy to download, because it just came out on open test in the Asian region. You can download it, but only through the Philippine store or Google Play.

Therefore, not everyone can play this game. But there is a way out and we will share with you, but later, first let’s know more about this game, its advantages, and disadvantages.

About World of Warships Blitz

The first thing you will see when the entrance to the game – your port (hangar), where will be your ships. And we notice many ships, and of course the graphics, which is not yet a high level. In the future, developers promise high-quality graphics and many surprises. But now, only the lower level of graphics awaits you.

Such a decision was made by the developers, not by chance. This was done that any player could download and install a game World of Warships Blitz, regardless of the capabilities of their phones.

World of Warships Blitz
More about World of Warships Blitz game

We hope that in the future this restriction will be lifted and we will be able to enjoy 4k graphics, the help of which can be examined ships and maps, but for now, we have a completely different quality picture. But the models of the ships are not bad and correspond to their originals.

The next feature that is present in the game – a successful gameplay. Developers were able to turn the computer game into a very dynamic, interesting and fascinating ship action. Playing the World of Warships Blitz you can not distract for a second, because it constantly needs to look around, reduces the scope, switches between weapons, and most importantly, it follows that you would not hit a torpedo. World of Warships Blitz – constantly keeps the player in suspense, does not let loose. It’s not a typical boring game.

The main thing that WoWs Blitz is a game that requires constant growth of player skills, it’s not a game when you need to press on one key to win. The player must constantly monitor how far your weapon shoots,  speed your enemies and so on.

Killing an enemy ship is not the only way to win, you can also damage it. For example, you can set fire or damage an important module. If this happened then the game provides equipment for fixing the modules: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher.

World of Warships Blitz
Advantages World of Warships Blitz

Download World of Warships Blitz

Branch of development in WoWs Blitz

While in the game there are three nations:

  • USA
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom

Each nation has 4 classes of ships, with the exception of Great Britain.

  • Chandelier
  • Cruiser
  • Aircraft carrier
  • Liner

Each of which has its own characteristics, as well as branches for research start from the first level of the ships.

Equipment  for WoWs Blitz

The game also has a large selection of ammunition, equipment, which will allow you to gain an advantage in the game. Additional Features:

  • Voice chat in battle
  • A system of missions for which you can get an award
  • No energy (a function that is present in many games.The player must wait a certain amount of time to continue the game).

World of Warships Blitz – an interesting, exciting game, but while it is on the test so sometimes can happen out of the game. But in a few months will be official game released, so this a problem will disappear.

Download World of Warships Blitz 

The current version of the game is 3.0.0

Changes in version 3.0.0

  • micro update

Cache for the game World of Warships Blitz:

  • a folder from the archive to unzip to / Android / data /
  • should be as follows: /Android/data/net.wargaming.wows.blitz/
  • the size of the unpacked cache 426 MB
  • install apk, run the game!

World of Warships Blitz 3.0.0

WoWs Blitz 3.0.0 XAPK

Cache WoWs Blitz