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World of Warships ModStation v – the official installer mods from Wargaming 0.9.4

Today we want to offer you something unique and multifunctional, introduce World of Warships ModStation. ModStation is the official modification installer for World of Warships. The application allows users to install a number of popular modifications from different creators. All of the modifications presented here are checked for compatibility and safety by the development team.

What is ModStation for WoWs?

World of Warships ModStation – is something new and very useful from developers. Just only imagine, now you can install any mod you are interested in and only for few seconds. Some mods will not be updated at all. What do you think about it? Any mod you are interested in will be found in this one program, with the exception of a cheat mod of course.

WoWs ModStation
Download World of Warships ModStation

Mods and modpacks have long been an integral part of the gameplay. Some players lack the standard game features, so they add some various modifications. Some players are much more comfortable to play with a unique sight then the standard, so they set a special sight. Today, there are dozens of the most non-standard and different sights, so players have plenty to choose from.

Many players already have their favorite modifications, the mods with which they are accustomed to playing, modifications with which they easily and simply will win in the battlefield, so every new update all gamers are looking for updated mods.

Find an updated mod is not the only one problem. It is much more difficult to install modifications, especially if the players do it for the first time or the mods are not compatible with each other.
In such cases, in the help will come a ModStation. ModStation is the only one way to easily and quickly install any mod.

Features of the World of Warships ModStation program

  • multilanguage interface

The program is presented in two languages: Russian and English. To change the language to necessary, you just enough will just switch.

Download ModStation
Features ModStation installer for WoWs
  • No need to look for updated mods

Now players will not spend precious time searching for updated mods and installing them from unknown and untested sites. All the mods that have already been updated will be placed on the server and the program will automatically look for them and, if possible, update them so that the player can download only the ready-to-play mod.

  • If you do not have the correct version of the game, then the program will warn about it and help fix everything
  • Ability to view mods preview

Downloading a specific mod player will know exactly its purpose and capabilities. Before downloading each mod separately, the program will provide a small description and a picture of how the mod will look in the game. A little later the author promises to add video, where everything will be described in detail and even shown.

  • The ability to choose a game client and accordingly the mods of the country where you want to play.

Important! This program does not provide its functionality on the test server.

  • Removing all old and non-working mods

In order to install the modifications correctly and without any problems, it is very important to remove old and non-working mods. The program ModStation will do this for you, automatically.

  • A large assortment of mods

Perhaps the main advantage of this program. ModStation – it’s not just a program, it’s something like a server where there are dozens of mods. In the near future, there will be absolute all the mods. Here you can find any modification you are interested in, the most popular mods and modpacks will be located and first of all updated here.

  • Ability to download mod directly from the server

This manipulation allows you to save time during installation and has already managed to prove yourself well. Many users in this way download the mods for such way a long time.

  • Constant updating the list of modifications

The newest and most successful modifications you can find exactly thanks to this program and its server

  • The backlight of an already set mod.

If you have already installed a certain modification, but have forgotten which one and are afraid that you would download the same one, the program will tell you which modification you are already installed.

  • If you have already installed a mod and it does not require an update, you can safely continue using it. It will be accessible to you.

Important! The developers of this program can not guarantee the correctness of each mod or their compatibility with all computer configurations. All mod creators are the same players and can make mistakes, so the responsibility for downloading and using the mod is entirely up to you.

As developers say in the near future, they plan to further improve their creation. For example, add an audio preview of each mod individually or expand the list of modifications on the server. At the moment the program is at the beta testing stage, we hope in the near future to get its stable version.

Download World of Warships ModStation programme

To start using the program, you need to download it. You can do this on our website without ads or some kind of virus. Then run the installer WorldOfWarships.ModStation.Setup.exe and select the language convenient for you (you can do this in a special window that will appear after the installer starts up).

Installers will tell you about the version of the program that you are installing, use only the newest one. Then select a place to download and store all the files. Attention! The volume of downloaded data will take several GB, so you need to find a suitable place with a large amount of free space. The program is ready to use.

Download ModStation (36 MB)

0.9.4 will be soon


  1. Once again the MAC community of World of Warships is being left out, even though many of have Premium accounts. Just as we can’t participate in the opportunities to gain feebies via the Public Test.

    The old line of “we don’t support Mac” is really beginning to wear thin with many of us.

    I respectfully urge you to look at treating the MAC gamers equally as the Windows group.


    1810328 (game name)

    1. I have a mac and it is no problem.Get yourself down to boot camp and install Windows ,job done.
      Mac Gamer is a strange combination of two words that are miles apart. I love my Mac, but it is a fact that for gaming you will always have a better experience with Windows. Having said that i strongly recommend splitting your mac drive and installing Windows and possibly using an external Graphics card. Works for me.
      Keep playing WOWS

      PUNCHMYNUGGETS (game name)

  2. wow to think that they must learn to program in mac just to make a few mac’ers happy when they dont know how to emulate a windows environment to play the game.
    thats like me having to learn Spanish to understand the menu and order a hamburger in america…?

    if it were to be done it would raise the cost of so much in the game to pay for the new programmers that it would no longer be fun for the people that know how to setup their systems.

  3. Goodnight. I can not install all the mods of the MosStation. Apparently it is being reconditioned. How long will this process last?

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