World of Warships update 0.7.9

Captains! With the release of update 0.7.9 for World of Warships the whole cycle of the British ships starts. The next three updates in a row, starting with patch 0.7.9 and ending with the update 0.7.11, the developers will share with us new models and representatives of the British ships I and II World War. The full version of the British destroyers will be available in the second update, but already starting with the first patch (0.7.9) you will find a lot of new and very interesting:

What’s new in update 0.7.9 for World of Warships?

  • The port of London will be updated
  • Royal Navy Competition
  • New game mode
  • New British destroyers
  • Updating of the clan base

Video review new patch for WoWs 0.7.9

Royal Navi

The event Royal Navy will begin already soon, on September 20th and will end with the release of the last update of the British language, at the end of the patch 0.7.11. Who can participate in this event? Any player who has ships in the arsenal of V level and more, as well as reached the 12th level of the track record.

Rules of the event Royal Navi? In update 0.7.9 for the event Royal Navy will be 4 special stages, each stage, in turn, will last a week. During this week you will be available 4 directives, in each directive will be from 5 to 7 tasks. Directives will be open on such days:

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Your must to fulfill all tasks, thus pass the directive and finish the stage.  All the tasks you can take as one day or every day, opening for yourself new tasks.

Important! The new directive will be opened only after you have completed all the tasks of the previous one, but not before the opening day. With the beginning of a new stage, the tasks of the past become inaccessible to fulfillment.

Port London

London is not only the capital of Britain, but also the main British port. With the release of a new update, the external port output will change:

  • more light
  • no snow
  • part of the year – autumn
  • yellow leaves and a nice atmosphere

When will update 0.7.9 for World of Warships? From reliable sources, we learned that this patch will be released on September 19th. All new updated mods you will find here.

New ships and building

  • Fairey Flycatcher

  • The Temlin Sailing Barge Xylonite

  • Screw steamer Clyde Puffer Starlight

  • Fairey Flycatcher

  • Biplane Fairey IIID

  • Tower Bridge

Many new others innovation.

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