Wows pinger view ping servers for WoWs 6.10.1

UPD: The program is updated for new addresses of WoWs servers

The Wows pinger program shows the ping of all World of Warships servers, this is necessary for those players who want to play on foreign game servers, there are 4 servers in the game: RU, EU, US, and JP. Everybody knows that the lower the ping the more convenient it is to play, the normal figure can be considered ping to 100, maximum to 150, if it is above this value, then it will not be comfortable to play.

Sometimes the Russian player’s ping on the EU server is lower than in RU. Mod with which you can play on all servers without pumping the client is called the MultiServer client and there is also a description of how to play World of Warships on others servers.

Unpack the archive to any location and run the Wows pinger program


Wows pinger (13 KB)

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