WoWs. Update 0.6.3

Meet new update for WORLD of WARSHIPS.

Friends! Glad to inform you that tomorrow, March 29th, we are waiting for the next update for World of Warships 0.6.3. In this patch, players expect a lot of interesting things. Developers will be able to please us with a lot of innovations and a number of changes:
– a smoke screen timer
– improved balancing adjustments
– Improved aircraft carrier control
– the rules of camouflage will change

Ships of low and medium level will be changed. More than 40 ships will fall under these edits. The game on such ships will become more comfortable, as the tactical and technical characteristics of such ships will change.

The new update also adds a smoke screen timer, which means that you can always find out how much more time the smoke screen will last and you probably will know whether to dial up or early.
Another innovation that we want to note is the management of aircraft carriers. Now with the help of two buttons on the mouse you will be able to control your aircraft carriers.


We select airplanes with the left button, and we send the right to battle. The interface of planes will be corrected.
For beginners, a real gift. Now the game at the lower levels will be much easier and more fair. The possibility of a manual attack will no longer be there, but a normal attack will be much more effective. And this is not all. See the video below for more details.

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