[0.7.0] WW2 Kriegsmarine Modpack for World of Warships (German)

Despite the fact that ModPack WW2 Kriegsmarine does not exist for long, it has become widely popular among players both at the official forum and on the Internet. ModPack WW2 Kriegsmarine functional because it includes a large number of mods so that everyone can find something for himself. In addition, ModPack is created as an installation file for convenient installation of various modifications.

Multipack Kriegsmarine is really a huge modpack in its assembly included different sights, combat mods, light markers, attacks and torpedoes, different icons, ears of command, ports, various graphic mods, national flags of ships and much more.

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WW2 Kriegsmarine Modpack (750 MB)

0.7.0 will be soon

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