Wyvern’s Historical Skin Workshop for World of Warships 0.9.2

Today we want to offer the best European camouflage and skin modpack for lovers of sea battles. The author of this assembly Wyvern. A feature of its modifications is the fact that all its skins are presented in historical style. Thus, having established at least one skin you can feel yourself a captain of historical warships of the period of 1914.

In this assembly, you will find ships of different classes and nations, but they have something simple, the author’s work on creating the assembly, is very careful. Thanks to the skill of the author, all skins look as close as possible to their historical protopites. The author regularly replenishes his assembly with new exhibits.

Important! Many Wyvern works are part of the most popular modpack (Aslain) but to download at least one skin you will have to download the whole modpack. To facilitate the download process and the main choice for users, the author downloads each skin separately. Thus, if a user has found an option he is interested in, it is enough for him to simply click download under the picture.

Royal Navy skins

  • Bellerophon-class Battleship

Download skin (7 MB)

  • Orion-class Battleship

Download skin (7 MB)

  • Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship

Download skin (7 MB)

  • King George V-class Battleship

Download skin (8 MB)

How to install mod?

To install this mod simply unzip the downloaded file and copy everything i.e. the content folder and camouflages.xml into your res_mods folder, inside the folder which is numbered to the current game version. The current game version number can be found at the top of the post. For example the current version of the game now is 0.9.2

To install the optional Iron Duke textures that will repaint the ship to match the gun turrets, simply go inside the optional folder and copy the content folder to res_mods, the same as you have done previously for the first content folder. Simply overwrite any textures it prompts you to do.

For historically accurate flags we recommend you install Historical Ensign and Signal Flags mod which can also be found on the subreddit above.

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