Yet Another Zoom Out Camera Mod for World of Warships 0.8.4

This modification has a name YAZOM, it is an abbreviation Yet Another Zoom Out Camera Mod. Judging by the name, you can guess the main purpose of the mod.

Some players do not like to play “too close”. It means, to play in a mode with an increased zoom. If you are just such gamer, we have great news for you. Mod YAZOM will help change the battle mode with a further decrease in the picture.

Important! Mod relevant for the current version of the game 0.8.4. In addition, you can install it on a test version 0.8.4.


  • Revamp Dock view
  • Ship Exceptions
  • new vanilla View
  • test 0.8.4


Yet Another Zoom Out (1 MB)


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